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As importance of the floating point operation increases, the research work on designing enhanced hardware for their computations also increases.
In the above figure, Reversible fused add-subtract (RFFAS) represents the realization of a reversible single precision floating point adder and subtractor as a single unit.
Super FinSim supports arithmetic operations of combination of Verilog literal integer, literal real, real, integer, reg, VP fixed point, and IEEE 754/854 floating point.
CellMath Builder is a synthesis tool that comprises a parametrisable and fully flexible, high performance library of floating point designs.
Because SHARC processes audio at a true 32 bits and floating point resolutions at 40 bits, our design team never had to compromise -- the highest resolution is maintained during the entire process without affecting the performance.
Floating point DSPs are expected to lead revenue increases over the next five years, growing from US$1.
It includes unit shipments, revenue, and Average Selling Price forecasts for 16-bit, 24-bit, and floating point DSPs through 2009.
The ADSP-21375, starting at $5, will allow engineers to utilize the precision of floating point processors in even the most cost-sensitive application areas.
Number Smasher-DC is the ideal platform to consider for applications that are floating point bound, that can take advantage of the large cache and floating point performance of the Dual-Core Intel(R) Xeon(R) processor 2.
The CSX600 is a 64-bit co-processor that has 96 processing elements and runs at 25 GFLOPS (DGEMM) sustained double precision floating point performance at about 10 Watts.
HEIDELBERG, Germany -- ClearSpeed Technology (LSE:CSD), a developer of high-performance, low-power, programmable microprocessor solutions, today announced the first public demonstration of the CSX600, the highest performance 64-bit floating point processor, at the International Supercomputer Conference (ISC) in Heidelberg.