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I know a lot about candyfloss now, and even more about flogging a dead horse.
Although we worked hard enough to make him interesting, it was a bit like flogging a dead horse.
Forget battles with Blofeld - these days he's content flogging a dead horse.
I think the public do get very cross when the see the BBC flogging a dead horse.
Curiously enough, being 'doggy' is a bad thing, while being 'dogged' is good, just as selling a dead horse is an achievement, while flogging a dead horse is pointless.
BY the end, Only Fools and Horses was flogging a dead horse.
Now again, to early modernists this is hardly an earth-shattering position: numerous monographs and articles over the past twenty years have provided so many counter-proofs to the Aries model that Ozment might appear to be piling on or even flogging a dead horse.
D: Yeah, we played there so much it became like flogging a dead horse.