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DEPUTY Minister of Agriculture Alun Davies has told Welsh farmers they are "flogging a dead horse" if they keep calling for a badger cull in the bid to tackle the scourge of TB in cattle.
This prequel was obviously milking a much-loved brand, but it's probably unfair to say it was flogging a dead horse (or fools and horses).
A PENSIONER says she is "flogging a dead horse" in her battle to get TV sets put back in short-stay rooms in Warwickshire's council-run care homes.
He has done everyone a favour by lashing out at the BBC over its flogging a dead horse approach to programme-making.
Mr Thompson said viewers do not like to see the BBC 'flogging a dead horse'.
BY the end, Only Fools and Horses was flogging a dead horse.
Talk about flogging a dead horse. Just what you were trying to prove is beyond me.
Moves to persuade middle-class families to live in the inner cities could be "flogging a dead horse", a leading academic warned yesterday.
Francis said: "There isn't a great deal of racing in Second Wind, but you can't keep flogging a dead horse, can you?"