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Flow generator products accounted for approximately 50% of ResMed's revenues (ResMed Annual Report, 2006).
Patients may continue to use their S8 flow generators until they receive a replacement device.
The S8 flow generators are designed for the modern patient's lifestyle, with a focus on comfort, convenience and portability.
Value activities - the tasks that achieve the goals or objectives for an organisation, these are cash flow generators or value adding activities.
Under the agreement, APEX has the right to sell and import globally its Wizard masks, as well as its XT and iCH flow generators.
Global revenue growth was driven primarily by sales of higher valued flow generators, like our S9 AutoSet(TM) and S9(TM) bilevels, while mask spares and accessories did particularly well this quarter.
The original action, filed by ResMed in March 2013 with the ITC, asserted patent infringement by two APEX masks and two APEX flow generators: the APEX WiZARD 210 and WiZARD 220 masks; and the APEX iCH and XT Fit flow generators.
With SleepSeeker, patients using ResMed's S9(TM) series air flow generators will be able to view their own therapy data just as a doctor might see it, including time used, and any apnea or hypopnea events.
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare to Unveil Flow Generators and Masks 64