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In 1990, for example, Italy's long-term government bond interest rate exceeded Germany's by 310 basis points.(2) Such discrepancies would imply large unexploited profit opportunities under the hypothesis that the Deutsche mark/lira rate is irrevocably confined to its current fluctuation limits.(3) More plausibly, markets may perceive implicit (and explicit) "escape clauses"--contingencies in which national authorities may realign exchange rates or suspend free capital mobility despite paper commitments to eventual monetary union.
Dubai: The Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) said the addition of the bonus shares and fluctuation limits for Al Kathiri Holdings will be based on the share price of 28.10 Saudi riyals (Dh27.47).
Dubai: Dubai Financial Market (DFM) , the only Gulf stock market to sell shares to the public, introduced unified fluctuation limits and cut the maximum weighting of a company in the benchmark index to 20 per cent.