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Audrey Azoulay, who last month took over as France's culture minister, has vowed to reform the local ratings system and strengthen its board, an issue initiated by her predecessor, Fluer Pellerin.
Gauthier Herrmann, Mathilde Herrmann, Aude Giuliano, Fluer Gruneisson, Francois Salque, Marie Chilemme, Pierre Fouchenneret will be artistes for the night.
The Gift collections include fine & unique fragrance lines by NEST & Belle Fluer, with high quality scented candles, room & body sprays, bath soaps and diffusers.
4 Hero - Les Fluer Colin says: "This reminds me of a time I would rather be born in, instead of this miserable place." That's a cheery thought, I must say.
"This is sometimes a wild horse that has been domesticated," explains Scott Fluer, a BLM rangeland specialist who has been involved with the horse program since 1986 and owns seven adopted mustangs.