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4 and URR 70%; the slower blood flow rate met only the URR target--even when adjusted for participant weight gain/target fluid loss (Table 4), which may reflect variability in a relatively small sample size, and warrants further study.
The properties of fluid loss additive are based on different functional groups of copolymer to be designed in the main chains.
Max Bore HDD: A one-sack system of premium Wyoming bentonite with additives for fluid loss control, enhanced suspension and improved lubricating qualities.
Various kinds of fluid loss additives have been developed in last decades, such as Gilsonite, organic lignite, epoxidized cardanol derivative[4], metallic soap [5], modified tannin [6] and oil swell elastomer [7], etc.
A nonsystematic review of 11 prospective cohort studies (N=2804) reported that ferning was both sensitive and specific for the presence of amniotic fluid in laboring women who reported fluid loss.
The illustrations show that two per cent of fluid loss in sweat will lead to tiredness and four per cent will invite headache.
He learned the dangers of fluid loss, particularly the muscle fatigue that can come from electrolyte imbalance, as a high school cross-country and track-and-field athlete.
Other inflammatory diseases of the skin are also associated with fluid loss.
Usually this imbalance is created by vomiting, which is a cause of poor intake and fluid loss, and/or diarrhea, which just causes fluid loss.
Fluid loss is influenced more by time spent running than distance run.
Diarrhoea is not normal and the fluid loss can lead to weakness, dehydration and death.
It can be especially dangerous in young children because they cannot tolerate much fluid loss, and it can lead to kidney failure