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It is administered as a daily oral therapy in most patients with heart failure, and intravenously in the hospital when oral medicine is insufficient to reduce fluid overload.
In the meantime, it has been already reported that fluid overload plays an important role in the development of arterial stiffness in dialysis patients and PWV varies during dialysis due to alterations in hydration status [26, 27].
The concern for fluid overload and poor respiratory outcomes as raised by Van Mater et al.
* Diuretics are the only medications used in the treatment of HF that adequately reduce fluid overload. (2,7) While thiazide diuretics confer greater blood pressure control, loop diuretics are generally preferred in the treatment of HF because they are more efficacious.
In our study it was the metabolic acidosis that in most of the patients required the PD where as Saeed et al16 showed equal percentage of metabolic acidosis and fluid overload as an indication of PD.
"Fluid overload or delay in blood transfusion in the event of prolonged blood loss may lead to multiple organ failures and will obviously have poor prognosis or clinical outcome."
Fluid overload was labelled when there was free fluid in the body confirmed on clinical examination or radiological evidence.
Fluid overload (defined as fluid accumulation of over 10% of baseline weight within a given period of time) is a phenomenon that commonly occurs in critically ill patients.
(4,5) Because these fluids necessarily lack electrolytes, their prolonged use can contribute to fluid overload and hyponatremia.
Further notable features of this case are the physiological changes related to the perforation of the bladder with a fluid overload pattern and electrolyte derangement distinct from the transurethral prostate syndrome [3].
Patient underwent urgent hemodialysis for fluid overload, slightly improving his dyspnea.
The control of idiopathic cyclic edema is essential in the treatment of hyperdynamic lymphedema due to fluid overload. Calcium dobesilate can help in the control of idiopathic cyclic edema.