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Current exercise and fluid replacement guidelines recommend that individuals should develop customised fluid replacement regimes that prevent excessive ([greater than or equal to] 2% BM) dehydration (Sawka et al.
Appropriate fluid replacement should be considered to preclude the occurrence of physiologic instabilities.
Nurses need to understand the physiological mechanisms underlying fluid replacement therapy and the movement of water in the body.
A progressive and accurate tally of fluid loss is maintained on the theatre whiteboard for all staff to see, assisting the anaesthetic team to maintain appropriate fluid replacement.
In summary, recommendations on fluid replacement during endurance races continue to evolve.
We report a neonate with hyponatremia, severe dehydration and refractory life threatening hyperkalemia who was treated with dietary sodium chloride supplementation, potassium binding resins and fluid replacement therapy which proved to be lifesaving.
In this case series, we reduced the volume of IV fluid replacement needed in three burned patients by starting treatment in the first 24 hours.
While fluid replacement can have favourable short-term results in correcting the hypotension and relieving the symptoms, the long-term effects can cause more serious complications such as cardiac or cerebral ischaemia.
Loosen clothing and drink cool, lightly salted water or a commercial fluid replacement beverage.
Fluid replacement drinks are for after heavy exercise in hot or humid conditions.
She had a course of oral erythromycin 500 mg twice daily, lasting for 7 days, fluid replacement and was discharged after 4 days.