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National Athletic Trainers Association Position Statement: Fluid replacement for athletes.
In the present study, despite pretest hypohydration in men, the constant fluid replacement of both volumes was effective in maintaining the mean value of postexercise urine specific gravity to less than 1.020 g x [mL.sup.-1] both in men and in women.
Reports of marathoners developing symptomatic hyponatremia either during or the initial hours after racing have prompted reevaluation of fluid replacement guidance and event implementation.
Mental or physical impairment can affect functional ability and can contribute to an inability to recognize the need for fluids or to access needed fluid replacement. Problems with physical mobility, such as those caused by arthritis or stroke, can affect manual dexterity and the ability to grasp and hold a cup or glass.
Fluid replacement should approximate sweat and urine losses and at least maintain hydration at less than 2% body weight reduction.
Fluid replacement at the conclusion of exercise is also important.
Pro Hydrator is a hyperhydration product that contains glycerol as an active ingredient, while Race Day is a complete fluid replacement supplement formulated with choline.
And don't waste money on fancy formulas-plain water is still the best fluid replacement.
Initially, treatment consists of fluid replacement, oxygen where necessary, good nutrition and lots of sound sleep.
It is potentially life threatening if treatment with antibiotics and fluid replacement is not initiated promptly.
There is need to develop a substitute uterine fluid replacement that may be stable, easy to use and non irritant.
Salma suggested that patients must undergo either intravenous fluid replacement or oral rehydration, which is, supplying pre-packaged solutions of dissolved salts and minerals to be injected or otherwise drunk in large amounts.