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Both of these events occurred in patients with prior coronary heart disease, and were associated with fluid retention and heart failure.
To ease fluid retention on bad days use Dandelion Herb, either drink it as a dried herb tea or take the tincture regularly.
FLUID retention can affect any part of the body, but the most obvious places are ankles, fingers and face.
Fluid Retention: Fluid retention was severe in 8% of patients, including pleural and pericardial effusions reported in 5% and 1%, respectively.
Circulation problems, especially if there is slight fluid retention in the legs, can make the whole skin tight and itchy.
QI OFTEN look as if I've put on weight overnight but I feel it's just fluid retention.
CRANBERRIES, bilberries and grape seeds may hold the key to relieving premenstrual fluid retention.
Ken Rifkin, an Oregon-based naturopathic physician and founder of the popular SnoreStop brand, eating and drinking (particularly salty foods) causes fluid retention, a condition which can affect all of the body's tissues, including the soft tissues in our palate.
Q MY doctor stopped my water pills for fluid retention and it has come back.
Q I SUFFER badly from fluid retention coming up to my period every month.