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The results (Table 1) revealed that the pink centered white fluidal colonies were devoloped on Triphenyl tetrazolium chloride agar and SMSA media; cream or off-white colored colonies on Casamino peptone glucose agar, Yeast extract agar and Potato dextrose agar; creamy white and dull white colonies on Nutrient agar, Yeast extract peptone agar and Yeast extract milk agar and yellow colored colonies on Yeast extract chalk agar were developed of the bacterium R.
The fluidal vesicular lava interlayers are dominant with respect to the clastogenic massive lava inter-layers, which are more common at the upper part of the East Quarry section.
Los microlitos de plagioclasa (55%) son de habito tabular y disposicion fluidal, y por su morfologia, esqueleticos.
Bacterial colonies developing the typical fluidal, irregular and creamy white with pink at the centre, colony was selected and subjected to colony polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using R.
Las rocas de composicion riodacitica son de color gris claro, amarillento o rosado, de grano mediano, porfidicas y con matriz mas o menos fluidal. Los fenocristales de plagioclasa, biotita y anfibol son de hasta 5 mm de tamano.
The current situation within the running Czech-USA AMVIS Grant on "Fluidal Seismo" was presented by Kozak (2010) at the IWGoRS workshops (International Workshop on Rotational Seismology and Engineering Applications) in Prague 2010.
La matriz vitrea se presenta de escasa a marcadamente fluidal, en el ultimo caso especialmente en aquellas variedades con menor proporcion de cristales.
Individual bacterial colonies are usually visible after 36 to 48 hrs of growth at 30 [+ or -] 2[degrees]C and colonies of the normal or virulent type are white or cream colored with pink centered, irregularly shaped, highly fluidal and opaque.
Igneous zircons in rhyodacitic dome with fluidal texture, intruded in ignimbrites of the lower part of this formation were dated at 327.9 [+ or -] 2.0 Ma (U-Pb SHRIMP, Suarez et al., 2008).
La matriz es microcristalina con textura fluidal a pilotaxica y representa entre 43,8 y 74,8% de la roca (TABLA 1).
Igneous zircons in a rhyodacitic dome with fluidal texture, intruded in ignimbrites of the lower part of this formation, were dated at 327,9 [+ or -] 2.0 Ma (U-Pb SHRIMP), which allows assigning an early Carboniferous age for the basal part of the Andacollo Group (Suarez et al., 2008).