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Staff had treated some unshorn sheep against fly strike, and shorn others to prevent it happening.
Rabbits most at risk from fly strike are those with a build-up of the soft faeces that they would normally eat (this is normal behaviour).
While there is absolutely no substitute for keeping animals clean and being very vigilant, there are a number of products available from your vet that will reduce the risks of fly strike.
Most distressingly we have seen several cases of fly strike.
Fly strike (maggots that hatch from eggs laid by flies on dirty rabbits) prevention products include Xenex Spot On, which has to be applied every two weeks, or Rearguard, which is claimed to be effective for up to eight weeks.
However, if the tail is amputated close to the body, diarrhoea is not directed away and soiling of the skin and fleece can happen, increasing the dangers of fly strike.
It is likely the result of some softer than normal stools getting caught on her fur and this matt can lead to constipation, or even worse, fly strike.
Sheep will continue to need protection against problems like scab, fly strike, ticks and lice, and anything that kills insects on sheep is likely to kill them in the wider environment as well.
Rabbits also need extra grooming as fly strike or maggot infestations are a particular problem for rabbits in the summer.
Sheep roundworms have no human health implications but they cause diarrhoea, retard growth and can increase the likelihood of fly strike in affected sheep.
Always quickly remove the matted mess as flies can lay maggots in the area, resulting in the horrific fly strike.
Tim says he also has a problem with fly strike because the climate of the Tywi Valley is mild and wet - much wetter than the climate on the marginal upland farm near Brecon where he was born and where his brother now farms.