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A half-mile-long flyover ramp will run from northbound I-5 to westbound Belt Line.
The interchange project, unanimously approved by a five-official committee in November, includes a new flyover ramp from I-5 northbound to Belt Line Road; a new ramp from I-5 southbound to westbound Belt Line; improvements to the Belt Line-Gateway Street intersection; a sound wall along the west side of I-5; and a new bicycle-pedestrian bridge.
Reconfigure the existing I-95 northbound loop ramp with a two lane, direct connect flyover ramp
A one-lane flyover ramp from westbound I-64 tying into the existing eastbound I-264 CD road
This project would construct a flyover ramp from the I-66 high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane to Vaden Drive, to provide direct access for mass transit buses to and from the HOV lanes and the Vienna Metrorail station.
This $60 million Bridge Enterprise project replaces the I-25 bridges over Santa Fe Drive that are both in poor condition and constructs a flyover ramp from northbound Santa Fe Drive to northbound I-25 to replace the current left side on-ramp and improve operations and safety for this major traffic movement.