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Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, director of Traffic Department in Dubai Police, has repeatedly called on motorists to slow down in foggy weather and to keep a safe distance between other vehicles, "because the driver's mistake in such weather can cost him his life".
The Hamad Injury Prevention Programme (HIPP) at Hamad Medical Corporation's (HMC) Hamad Trauma Center has warned drivers to take extra safety precautions during times of low visibility or foggy weather conditions.
Disruption of flights and closing of motorways all are the aftermath of prevailing foggy weather .
Sources told the GDN that several flights were diverted to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia due to the foggy weather conditions.
Earlier on December 13, at least 13 trains were delayed, 10 cancelled and one resheduled due to foggy weather and low visibility in the national capital.
Residents of northern Sindh and the plains of Punjab might also experience foggy weather in the early hours of the morning, it added.
Although foggy weather has played some role with the issues seen in Shanghai, many carriers are finding it difficult to serve the volume in front of them, leaving quaysides overcrowded and congested.
Foggy weather led to a massive pile-up of 130 cars of Now Ruz vacationers trying to reach Mashhad last Friday.
The visibility will turn pleasant after the smoggy weather dissipate while the foggy weather would start by the end of November or December.
There is need to introduce a new law specifically to regulate flexible work hours across the country to protect employees from crashes that may result from driving in foggy weather.
Despite the cloudy and foggy weather, emerging suddenly, the moon set over Galata was brightly witnessed at around 07:34 a.
Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority informed airlines in the month of July this year to upgrade their aircrafts and train their pilots to make them commensurate to ILS Cat-III(B) system for landings at AIIAP Lahore in foggy weather.