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According to the company, the labour union Akademikerforeningen has appointed Karolina Sandahl, previously deputy employee representative, to replace Foldes.
Unveiled last December, the Centre of Innovation was designed by the renowned Hungarian architect Lazlo Foldes and features clean, white lines and state-of-the-art facilities.
Holly's mum Cheryl Foldes called Dembie a 'monster' and said that he had consistently abused her daughter.
results Group 1: Darren Appleton (GBR) 9 -- 5 Jeong Young H (KOR); Hsu Kai Lun (TPE) 9 -- 2 So Shaw (GBR) Group 2: Antonio Gabica (PHL) 9 - 7 Dominic Jentsch (GER); Omar al-Shahen (KUW) 9 - 1 Marlon Manalo (PHL) Group 3: Ko Pin Yi (TPE) 9 -- 4 Waleed Majed (QAT); Jalal Yousef (VEN) 9 -- 5 Imran Majid Jasem (GBR) Group 4: Konstanin Stepanov (RUS) 9 -- 7 John Morra (CAN); Chang Jung Lin (TPE) 9 -- 1 Marc Claramunt (ESP) Group 5: Ralf Souquet (GER) 9 -- 4 Cheng Yu Hsuan (TPE); Vilmos Foldes (HUN) 9 -- 8 Yukio Akagariyama (JPN) Group 6: Toh Lian Han (SIN) 9 -- 7 Jasson Klatt (CAN) ; Cheng Yu Lung (TPE) 9- 5 Chris Melling (GBR) Group 7: Shane V.
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Austria 1919 Seton Francis Austria 1920 Gruen Friedrich Henry George Austria 1921 Adams Walter Austria 1922 Feyerabend Paul Karl Austria 1924 Pollard Sidney (Siegfried) Austria 1925 Papanek Gustav Fritz Austria 1926 Mayer Thomas Austria 1927 Foldes Lucien Paul Austria 1930 Sohmen Egon Austria 1930 Helleiner Gerald Karl Austria 1936 Matzner Egon Austria 1938 Schrotter F.
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And Oliver Medinilla also continued his quest as he rolled over Vilmos Foldes (9-5).