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Aquino reiterated the folk saying, "Kung ano ang itinanim, siya ang aanihin (What you sow, you reap)," in urging residents to sustain and continue replicating the medicinal and organic farms that have been developed in the province through the "Hardin ng Lunas" project.
JIM CREMIN was stuck in Ireland after covering the Kerry Agribusiness St Leger final at Limerick at the weekend, but in his latest blog reports getting messages "from folk saying how much they like the new Racing Post iPhone app - a useful addition if you're getting one of these gadgets for Christmas.
After all it seems as though the folk saying will be realized, that is, if you want to finish something you will find hundred ways to do so and if not, you will find million justifications.
As the folk saying goes, there are old mushroom hunters, and there are bold mushroom hunters, but there are no old, bold mushroom hunters.
Rhydian said: "I don't want folk saying I was robbed.
To explain what troubles her about Dust Tracks, Angelou cites an African American folk saying that Hurston would have appreciated and may have known:" 'If a person asks you where you're going, you tell him where you've been.