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Neither would have prepared me for this dark and menacing vision of the folk story collected by the Grimm Brothers in the 19th Century (don't be tempted to bring kids under the age of seven or perhaps eight).
At joyous moments, audience members tapped along to the wedding songs and laughed at the inclusion of an old Iraqi folk story about a beetle looking for love.
Frank Campagna ("Field Note") remembers a traditional Italian folk story passed down in his family, and what the story offers to an understanding of how best to treat elders in their later, vulnerable years.
It is an urban folk story cycle, brutal, poetic and real" says Tim Supple, artistic director of London-based Dash Arts Theatre.
Philips and McDougall trace different versions of a folk story that sheds light on nineteenth- and twentieth-century stories of white and native tensions on Walpole Island, which, because it also figures in other essays, provides detail and nuance.
A SCHOOLBOY was so captivated when he heard an Irish folk story that he re-told it to win a national storytelling competition for children and a prize of a trip to New York.
It's a ghoulish folk story and the gentle singer's vocals are haunting.
The Emperor and the Tiger is a folk story featuring a mechanical tiger which graces a 100m-long stage, a statuesque emperor, colourful carnival dancers and fireworks.
Their survival and journeys makes for a winning book which transcends children's or young adult fiction to provide all ages with a gorgeous, winning contemporary folk story, and this deluxe edition is the perfect gift for capturing it all, using lovely drawings by Croatian artist Tomislav Torjanac to capture key scenes in Martel's drama.
Like Dvorak's other tone poems, this one is based on a pretty grim folk story, "The Wild Dove" specifically concerning a young woman who has just poisoned and buried her husband, then remarried.
Elsewhere, storyteller and artist Eleanor Allitt will be telling a traditional Russian folk story, similar to the tale of Cinderella, at the Victoria Coffee House in Leamington.
After all, the overwhelming majority of folk and fairy tales have been heard rather than read by the audience: an analysis and comparison of the "who, how and where" of the folk story telling process is needed.