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While noting that going to the theatre and socialising as her other interests it's clear that this dedicated follower of fashion will soon have to find more space to keep her clothes.
Alisha Keenen, 23, is an avid follower of fashion and names Zara as her favourite high street shop.
That's what I think - Chris McCabe, 26, Billingham, unemployed I'm not really a dedicated follower of fashion but if she wears it well then what's the problem?
The gentle introduction of such classics as Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Autumn Almanac and the wonderful Waterloo Sunset were all delivered from the comfort of a chair and widely scattered with modern material such as Working Man's Cafe.
Musician with The Kinks, whose hits include Waterloo Sunset and Dedicated Follower of Fashion.
Follower of fashion Abandoned by his parents as a baby, abused in a children's home and finishing school with no qualifications, designer Jojo Remeny is putting his past behind him as he forges a life for himself in the highly competitive fashion and music industries.
EVEN the most dedicated follower of fashion might turn a little green at the idea of stepping out in this far-fetched fir tree dress.
Jackie was a keen follower of fashion and beauty, overseeing the spa business part of Eastwell Manor, their family-owned luxury country manor estate in Kent.
Quiz has a fantastic range of clothes, shoes and accessories to make any fun-loving follower of fashion look cool this summer.
A cad, a socialite and a dedicated follower of fashion, Lucifer Box is many things to many people, particularly the many women in his life.
IT'S an essential for every follower of fashion this summer - this lovely silver-plated bracelet.
I've never been that dedicated a follower of fashion.