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3 include: -- Microsoft Terminal Server 2008 connectivity -- Support for RDP connections with 32 Bit Color & Font Smoothing -- Enhanced 802.
The program ensures that users have no problems with their font smoothing, icon rendering, and other visual effects.
The MultiSync LCD1510+ is NEC Technologies' next-generation 15-inch pivoting LCD monitor offering superior font smoothing and image brightness.
Additionally, the new Microsoft RDP version supports spanning a single remote session across multiple displays and visual improvements including support for 32-bit color and font smoothing.
Microsoft has already established the fundamental backbone of the ClearType font smoothing technology, and will further develop the implementation of ClearType on the Windows Operating Systems (OS) Platform.
It also integrates unparalleled screen magnification with font smoothing thus making Wayfinder Access the perfect mobility solution even to the low-vision users.
In addition, eReader Pro includes sub-pixel font smoothing technology on color handhelds to provide users with the best possible reading experience.
Management of Windows 98 display features: New display- intensive features of Windows 98 such as Active Desktop, font smoothing and menu animation can slow down the performance of remote control programs.