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The Font Vault is a managed repository that integrates with the Suitcase Fusion database and makes font management predictable and reliable -- especially when users have multiple versions of fonts with the same PostScript name.
Only a handful of foundries owned the machines needed to produce new fonts in metal type or phototype.
Having too many fonts activated leads to system instability, speed and performance issues," said Halstead York, Extensis product marketing manager.
The latest iType release supports linked fonts, which allows for a grouping of fonts to be treated as a single font, without having to merge multiple font files.
Monotype Imaging's iType([R]) font engine, the company's embedded subsystem for generating scalable, multilingual text on consumer electronics devices, will be made available for Symbian OS[TM] as a reference component, shipping in Symbian OS developer and customer kits.
Windows users expect font managers to require manual font activation or to keep all fonts in the Windows/Fonts folder, whether or not they are using a font management utility.
With more than 100,000 products supporting a wide range of languages, Fonts.
Because customers use QNX technology in everything from cars in Korea to power plants in Europe, support for fonts in multiple languages is critical," said Mark Roberts, Director of Product Management at QNX Software Systems.
Only Suitcase Fusion and Font Reserve offer precise Font Sense[TM] auto-activation - an exclusive technology that identifies and automatically activates the exact fonts used in a document, including embedded EPS files.
3 Dramatically Improves Its Font Rendering Speed for Compressed Fonts
a global leader in font and imaging technologies, is launching its ESQ([R]) Mobile brand of fonts through the introduction of more than 200 designs tailored for exceptional viewing on mobile phones.
The abundant selection features a variety of products from single fonts to bundled packages in standard PostScript([R]), TrueType([R]) and OpenType([R]) formats for Macintosh([R]) and Windows([R]) platforms.