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This new, simple, automatic installer replaces the traditional, complex and time-consuming method of downloading a zip file; saving it on a computer; finding the saved file; unzipping it; saving the contents of the zip file; and copying the font files into the Windows Fonts folder to install them.
Suitcase Fusion's Font Sense technology ensures a smooth workflow by identifying, locating and activating the exact fonts used in a document.
As the mPhase TV+ System is deployed in other countries, the font technology and fonts can be easily used to produce programming guides in other languages.
Since the beginning of the program, Bitstream has released over 100 NFC fonts.
The advantages of fonts can substantially benefit the cell phone market, where growing segments related to multimedia services and content, Web browsing, e-mail, mobile applications, personalized user interface development and office document exchange all depend on text," said John Seguin, senior vice president and general manager of Monotype Imaging's Display Imaging group.
0 dramatically improve readability of East Asian text on mobile phones using scalable fonts without the need to embed fixed-in-size, non-scalable bitmaps for small-sized text.
Developers can also license different suites of worldwide fonts, including a certified Chinese (PRC) font, delta-hinted screen fonts, stroke-based Asian fonts, the Tiresias Screenfont, the CCTV Font Set, and the TV Font Pack.
Only Suitcase Fusion and Font Reserve offer precise Font Sense[TM] auto-activation - an exclusive technology that identifies and automatically activates the exact fonts used in a document, including embedded EPS files.
3 Dramatically Improves Its Font Rendering Speed for Compressed Fonts
a global leader in font and imaging technologies, is launching its ESQ([R]) Mobile brand of fonts through the introduction of more than 200 designs tailored for exceptional viewing on mobile phones.
The abundant selection features a variety of products from single fonts to bundled packages in standard PostScript([R]), TrueType([R]) and OpenType([R]) formats for Macintosh([R]) and Windows([R]) platforms.