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That is why the current food crisis raises serious questions about our disaster preparedness as a nation.
People have to go to the bushes to practice agriculture, but now, millions of farmers can't go to farm because of herdsmen attacks, and food crisis is imminent in this country.
The Programme will help Malawi Government's Emergency Response Plan in mitigating the current food crisis through the procurement of maize for distribution to vulnerable households.
com/malawis-food-crisis-child-malnutrition-grows-amid-economic-woes-2117241) said the food crisis was the worst he's ever seen.
The institute added that beyond the framework and the plan, much more needs to be done, and regional cooperation will be essential to manage a food crisis.
Highlighting the severity of food crisis issue, Afridi said the price of food items such as vegetables, chicken and meat has increased by more than 20 percent just in one month, which has further made the half of the population of country food insecure.
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) emergencies director Dominique Burgeon said more than 1 million people are facing some form of food crisis.
Elaborating, he said the company has succeeded in stabilizing prices of the main products, rates of other commodities "and stemming high prices that almost became a lasting fact at start of the international food crisis that hit the world in 2008.
Stefan believes that in a bid to solve the food crisis, insect production will become much more common in 20 years.
However, with 40 tonnes of insects to every human, they could offer a solution to the global food crisis, where millions starve every day while the meat consumption of the rich draws huge amounts of grain out of the global food chain.
The refugee emergency and food crisis are what most concern the European Union in Mali.
6 billion naira among flood devastated states, so as to prevent the anticipated food crisis next year.