foot the bill

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"When we have situations like this when we are taking children in because we have agreed to do this as part of a policy by the Government they should foot the bill. I don't believe local taxpayers should foot the bill."
If they can do it after 8pm they can do it for all of that the unfortunately, foot the bill time the RMT strike spokesman the Merseyrail services."
HEALTH Secretary Andrew Lansley said he did not think it was fair to the taxpayer for the NHS "to foot the bill" for patients who had private PIP breast implant operations.
Summary: The rising cost of Private Finance Initiative (PFI) schemes is leaving many hospitals unable to foot the bill, according to the Health Secretary.
Councils are being left to foot the bill as contractors digging up roads on behalf of utility companies are failing to properly patch them up, the LGA said.
Councillor Peter Box, chairman of the LGA's economy and transport board, said: "Contractors should not be allowed to get away with botching road repairs and then leaving council taxpayers to foot the bill.''
Of one thing I am certain: if we don't get change soon then those of us who foot the bill have every right to revolt against paying it.
We can foot stadium bill EVERTON FC chief executive Robert Elstone last night spoke of his confidence the club can still foot the bill for a new stadium in Kirkby.
Deputy DM Vilnai would not explain why taxpayers had to foot the bill when a general leaked personal information about a soldier.
She denies all knowledge and I am left to foot the bill. What can I do?
Why should taxpayers have to foot the bill for them to stay?
Widowed twice by the effects of smoking, anti-nicotine campaigns have no more fervent supporter than me, but why should harassed employers be made to foot the bill for what should be a national and personal responsibility?