foot the bill

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If they can do it after 8pm they can do it for all of that the unfortunately, foot the bill time the RMT strike spokesman the Merseyrail services.
The LGA, which represents about 350 councils in England and Wales, is calling for councils to be given stronger powers to ensure road works are timed to cause the minimum disruption and to guarantee roads are repaired properly Councillor Peter Box, of the LGA, said: "Contractors should not be allowed to get away with botching road repairs and then leaving council taxpayers to foot the bill.
Of one thing I am certain: if we don't get change soon then those of us who foot the bill have every right to revolt against paying it.
We can foot stadium bill EVERTON FC chief executive Robert Elstone last night spoke of his confidence the club can still foot the bill for a new stadium in Kirkby.
Deputy DM Vilnai would not explain why taxpayers had to foot the bill when a general leaked personal information about a soldier.
She denies all knowledge and I am left to foot the bill.
Widowed twice by the effects of smoking, anti-nicotine campaigns have no more fervent supporter than me, but why should harassed employers be made to foot the bill for what should be a national and personal responsibility?
By comparison, 35% reported that tenants expect added security costs to be passed along to them while 15% say that tenants willingly will foot the bill.
And if he wins, private schools will take the pot and public schools will foot the bill.
Instead the family was contacted by Mrs Beckham's mother, Jackie Adams, who said the couple would bedelighted to foot the bill.
Government has attempted to help families foot the bill through a combination of subsidies and tax credits.