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Meanwhile Scotland's Falkirk Council wants to develop a cycle and foot trail through its surrounding countryside.
When she follows a foot trail through tall grasses on land, she still follows paths created by black bear--not by people.
Approaching Peeples Canyon from the north, the foot trail crosses over a harsh landscape of rocks.
And she heard how, in 1986, Kills Straight made the journey along the Big Foot Trail, on horseback.
A foot trail, the 90-mile Maad-Daah-Hey (Mandan for "grandfather"), will soon traverse the grassland.
I can understand that people would look at that and say, `Oh my, that's wide for an 8 foot trail.
Leonard Cancer Research Fund, contact: Chairman Rob Evans, 331 Deer Foot Trail, Chanhassen, MN 55317; (612) 445-0565.
With 35 miles of woodland foot trail, 20 wild lakes and ponds and seven major hills, one would think it would be heavily visited in such a densely populated place like New York City.
Along the eastern foot trails toward the "puting bato" (white rock) of Mt.
Alison Howell's Foot Trails has just launched the Bath City and Country selfguided mid-week short break for walks along the River Avon and surrounding hills.