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And now they traveled forward more quietly, Little John in the middle of the road whistling merrily to himself, and the two friars in the footpath on either side saying never a word.
The, footpath turned the shoulder of a slope, through a thicket of rank rhododendrons, and crossed what had once been a carriage drive, which ended in the shadow of two gigantic holm-oaks.
To avoid meeting any possible wayfarers he left the high road, and took a footpath under some fir-trees.
We now approached a stile communicating with a footpath that conducted to a farm-house, where, I suppose, Mr.
Even as they watched, the pair eased up, the lady sprang off, impaled one of her bills upon the garden railing of an empty house, and then jumping on to her seat again was about to hurry onwards when her nephew drew her attention to the two gentlemen upon the footpath.
A small footpath dropped down to the dry bed of the canon, which they crossed before they began the climb.
He pursued his retreat, careless in what direction it might take him, to a footpath across the fields, which led to the highroad and the railway station.
As a blind one did I once walk in blessed ways: then did ye cast filth on the blind one's course: and now is he disgusted with the old footpath.
As we went by the footpath and beside the gateposts and the unfinished lodge, we kept looking back at the house of my fathers.
Straight out at the back; by our threshing floor, my dear, and hemp patches; there's a little footpath.
Diverging to the footpath, I made for the first break that I could guess at, rather than see, in the hedge.
As the morning was fine and he had an hour on his hands, he crossed the river by the ferry, and strolled along a footpath through some meadows.