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The Trust has been looking after the central Brecon Beacons for 30 years and spends about PS100,000 each year maintaining footpaths.
However, the provincial, city governments, DMC East, local police and traffic police are yet to retrieve the service road and footpaths of this main artery of the city from influential encroachers.
Government institutions, hotels and traders are on the same page to deprive pedestrians of the right to move safely on footpaths which are integral parts of road infrastructure in cities like Lahore.
Assistant Commissioner Sher Afzal Khan told media persons that crackdown against encroachments on footpaths and shades in front of shops were started.
He said vendors were also asked to vacate roadsides and footpaths otherwise their carts would be confiscated.
Claim that footpath WITH regards the article in the Examiner on Wednesday mentioning the struggle over the footpath on Clayton Fields.
Restricted Byway Whickham 134 from its junction with Restricted Byway Whickham 133, at Longfield House Farm, in an easterly direction for a distance of 550 metres to its junction with Footpaths Whickham 180, 152 and 153.
Mair Huws, the national park's head of wardens and access, said: "We have so many footpaths which are suitable for all kinds of ability.
The residents alleged that the concerned authorities paid no attention to cut the bushes and wild trees alongside the footpaths to provide safe way to the residents.
South Tyneside Council said it has adopted a strategic approach to the care of its 600km of roads and 1,100km of footpaths to reduce costs.
A hundred yards further and you cannot walk on the footpath for broken slabs and mud caused by vehicles driven on to the verges and footpaths.
The PWD had been directed to commence repair work on the footpaths for the convenience of the general public.