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It's almost New Year's Eve, for Pete's sake. But now is when leaf-raking champions are made.
Parsons has donated oodles of money to the GOP, and he's probably pocketed more gay dollars than Boyias could dream of--Warner Music puts out Madonna's CDs, for Pete's sake.
For Pete's sake, it's a novel, or, at best, a historical novel with a very partisan view of history.
She has Robert Scheer saying nice things about North Korea, for pete's sake! It makes everybody seem skin-crawlingly naive.
"For Pete's sake," he would say, "get rid of that Eleanor Rigby coat, will you?"
And the telephone was invented more than a century ago, for Pete's sake.
For Pete's sake!" And even though the Swans are currently a division higher than the Bluebirds, Hammam added: "Swansea will never be a big club and if they are honest with themselves they will say so.
It's time the nation accepted the fact that equal opportunity in business will remain a cruel charade until every child knows how to pick out a decent suit (say a classic nailhead pattern, moderate lapels), a quality pair of shoes (indicated by soles thinner than average, not thicker, for Pete's sake), select an appropriate watch (analog, unless you're an engineer; thin, unless you're in advertising, where bigger is always better), and order a simple piatti de verdure without sounding like the Heimlich should be applied.