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Force Majeure

[French, A superior or irresistible power.] An event that is a result of the elements of nature, as opposed to one caused by human behavior.

The term force majeure relates to the law of insurance and is frequently used in construction contracts to protect the parties in the event that a segment of the contract cannot be performed due to causes that are outside the control of the parties, such as natural disasters, that could not be evaded through the exercise of due care.

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force majeure

an event that no human foresight could anticipate or which, if anticipated, is too strong to be controlled. Depending on the legal system, such an event may relieve a party of an obligation to perform a contract.
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Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles, reported September 29 that it has canceled its prior force majure declaration and resumed all operations after a temporary suspension caused by Hurricane Georges.
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