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MILITARY. That which belongs or relates to the army.

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No batu may win to the estate of a Galu by treachery and force of arms while Chal-az lives and may wield a heavy blow and a sharp spear with true Kro-lus at his back!"
It accused the prisoner of resisting the execution of a search-warrant, by force of arms, and particularized in the vague language of the law, among a variety of other weapons, the use of the rifle.
Wherefore the reverend father in God prays you, as his dear friends, to rescue him, either by paying down the ransom at which they hold him, or by force of arms, at your best discretion.''
The experiences of the day had so shaken the nerves of the black sergeant that he was ready to treat with these people rather than take their village by force of arms, as would ordinarily have been his preference; but now a vague conviction influenced him that there watched over this part of the jungle a powerful demon who wielded miraculous power for evil against those who offended him.
The Christians who were to row were ready and in hiding in different places round about, all waiting for me, anxious and elated, and eager to attack the vessel they had before their eyes; for they did not know the renegade's plan, but expected that they were to gain their liberty by force of arms and by killing the Moors who were on board the vessel.
I could not understand the necessity for such an enormous force of armed men about a spot so surrounded by mystery and superstition that not a soul upon Barsoom would have dared to approach it even had they known its exact location.
According to media and local sources, armed groups blocked on October 26th a relief aid convoy provided by the UN to the towns of Yalda, Babila, and Beit Sahm in Damascus Countryside and prevented them by force of arms in the town of Yalda from reaching the people until they were given 5,000 food packages as a ransom.
Amman, April 11 (Petra) -- North Korea on Tuesday warned it will retaliate and defend itself "by powerful force of arms" after the US deployed a Navy strike group in the Korean Peninsula.
BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said, "Our duty is to provide security and protect citizens and not allow to impose a certain will by force of arms." He stressed during a meeting with the Governor and Members of the Maysan province in the presence of a number of MPs of the governorate during his visit to the Maysan province today, that security is an integrated system, and lacking it in any area would negatively affect and destabilize the security of the rest of the cities, adding that there is a request from the province of Maysan to impose security there.
Head of Yabod municipality, Samer Abu Baker, told WAFA that armed soldiers raided the house of local Yehya Abu Shamleh, and prevented its occupants from leaving, after taking over the house by force of arms, sparking a heated argument between them.
Acting upon a security tip and following thorough surveillance, the suspect has been apprehended on charges of terrorism, setting up and belonging to an armed gang and resisting law enforcement personnel by the force of arms, the communiquA' added.