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All attempts to-date to integrate the mathematics of the large bodies and that of the quantum particles have broken down as there is no way yet of integrating the force of gravity with the other electromagnetic forces, weak and strong.
As soon as it leaves your hand, the force of gravity begins to slow it down until it stops going up and then falls to the ground.
Dr Hill added: "Crucially, as far as living organisms are concerned, the levitation force balances the force of gravity right down to the molecular level.
Ride fast enough and the centrifugal force overcomes the force of gravity, and the bike stays up.
But some versions of string theory allow larger extra dimensions, detectable by measuring the force of gravity at small distances or from the results of atom-smasher experiments or astrophysical observations (SN: 2/19/2000, p.
The pressure of snorting helped move the fluid against the force of gravity and up the performer's nasal cavity.
1 : to come or go down freely by the force of gravity <An apple fell from the tree.
Before her once-in a-lifetime takeoff, she had never been in a airplane, let alone travel at the speed of sound and experience more than seven times the force of gravity.
In this position, the force of gravity pulls the surrounding tissue away from the hip joint and enables the surgeon to more easily access the deep recesses of the pelvis.
Normally, the force of buoyancy is greater than the force of gravity, so the diver floats.
Finally, the team pushed the composite section well beyond ultimate load to a destruct-condition maneuver beyond two and a half times the force of gravity.
Helen, a former research chemist with Mars in Slough, endured pressures up to seven times the force of gravity, as the craft was propelled into space by an SL4 launcher weighing 303 tonnes, most of it fuel.