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These accusations against The Butcher Palparan are shared by hundreds of fathers and mothers, and sisters and brothers, whose own kin were subjected to forced disappearances and extrajudicial executions,' Oscar and Concepcion Empeno said, noting that reports compiled by human-rights groups linked Palparan to 71 cases of extrajudicial killings, 14 frustrated killings and five massacres during his stint in Mindoro alone.
completed six months but the issue of forced disappearance had not been resolved completely.
The case has embroiled President Mauricio Macri's government in a political storm and revived dark memories of the country's years of dictatorship and forced disappearances of opponents.
Dubai: A rights organisation monitoring the Syrian crisis has released damning figures on forced disappearances in the country as the world marked the International Day of Victims of Forced Disappearances on Wednesday.
According to a statement published Wednesday by the department, it was decided to consider forced disappearance a crime against humanity and fixing its sentence according to the terms of the relevant international convention.
Of those arrested, 14 are charged with forced disappearance and torture in relation to a mass grave containing the remains of 533 bodies from 84 clandestine graves discovered in 2012 in a former military base in Coban.
The report stated that over 90 cases of forced disappearance were registered while 129 mutilated bodies of suspected disappearance victims were recovered.
At the presentation of the report, acting Defensor del Pueblo Eduardo Vega Luna pointed to steps forward in the last decade, including a law recognizing the status of absence due to forced disappearance, a law creating a comprehensive plan for reparations (NotiSur, April 3, 2009), the creation of a single registry of victims (Registro Unico de Victimas, RUV), the implementation of programs for collective reparations and individual financial reparations, and the creation of the Place of Remembrance, to name a few (NotiSur, July 30, 2010).
Over thirty Polisario leaders are facing charges of "genocide, torture, forced disappearance, illegal detention and serious human rights violations".
Torture of Bahraini women, forced disappearance and abduction of people and inhuman and humiliating behaviors by the Zionist regime of Israel, detention of teenage protesters and their prolonged detention in Britain and increased sexual harassment of these teenagers, massacre of people in Yemen, and depriving Canadian natives of their rights were among the other human rights issues that were raised in the letter as sources of Iran's deep concern.
raises issues of permitting "whipping as a punishment for adultery, indefinite arrests, abuse of emigrants and refugees as well as the forced disappearance of dissidents.
According to a People's Union of Democratic Rights (PUDR) press statement, the sufferings of more than 8,000 families could end after the probe into the forced disappearance of the Kashmiris.