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Syrian immigration and residency policies towards the Iraqi forced migrants may reflect strategic economic speculations, political calculations against US and international pressures and sanctions, attachment to international financial assistance in a period of economic crisis, and ambitions to deepen political influence and trade relations with Iraq.
This has led to widespread public resentment of the Iraqi forced migrant population.
Thus, although "registered" forced migrants hold Russian citizenship and are offered some minimal state assistance, the former is taken for granted by Russian returnees while the latter is experienced as derisory.
Referrals for mental health services may come from diverse sources within the community and legal systems with which a forced migrant interacts.
Despite the differences in their condition, the two groups are united among themselves and with each other by their objective situation as forced migrants of globalisation.
She has engaged with research and praxis among Muslim Arab Sudanese forced migrants in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.
In the global South and North contexts that are different, at first sight, such as refugee camps, urban areas, or detention centres, are brought together through their becoming sites where forced migrants experience forced immobility and where humanitarian agencies implement policy-driven temporary solutions.
Although forced migrants in Egypt live in Alexandria and smaller towns, this paper focuses on Cairo, where the majority reside.
For in that relatively short space of time, UNHCR has indeed been transformed from the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees into something which is beginning to resemble an Office of the High Commissioner for Forced Migrants.
Disintegration of the former federal state resulted in the creation of new, autonomous states and entities, with concomitant enormous flows of forced migrants.
Its connection with mobility, and particularly regular returns to the point of origin, initially precluded refugees and other groups of forced migrants.