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ANCESTOR, descents. One who has preceded another in a direct line of descent; an ascendant. In the common law, the word is understood as well of the immediate parents, as, of these that are higher; as may appear by the statute 25 Ed. III. De natis ultra mare, and so in the statute of 6 R. III. cap. 6, and by many others. But the civilians relations in the ascending line, up to the great grandfather's parents, and those above them, they term, majores, which common lawyers aptly expound antecessors or ancestors, for in the descendants of like degree they are called posteriores. Cary's Litt.45. The term ancestor is applied to natural persons. The words predecessors and successors, are used in respect to the persons composing a body corporate. See 2 Bl. Com. 209; Bac. Abr. h.t.; Ayl. Pand. 58.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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" But we will give him a warm send- off with a small packet of soil and dhn ki bli ( paddy plants) as token gifts to remind him of his roots." Ganesh, who is a poor mason, said his forefathers used to provide salt- petre to the British which was used in making gun powder.
HE two hundred and four names read out in a North TEast church yesterday were a reminder of the debt this region owes its forefathers.
Summary: DUBAI - Damas celebrates the occasion of the UAE's 40th National Day with a uniquely-designed pendant that honours the country's forefathers for laying the foundation for the country's phenomenal development.
"So, we have come here to take bath and we will pray for our forefathers and all other things.
These heraldic animal stone figures were erected by our forefathers and fathers departed.
Even with the improved technologies available today, we would be hard-pressed to equal the planning, drive and endeavours of our forefathers in the early 20th century.
It defies belief that people that base their lives on belief could contemplate treating the spiritual legacy of their forefathers with such disrespect and disdain.
Treasure sees her return to her Celtic roots - her forefathers were on the maiden voyage from Ireland to New Zealand in 1850 - and, indeed, there's plenty to please fans of Enya and Corrs.
Benefitting from the intellectual studies of the forefathers of psychology and touching upon the theological conclusions of the many religious sects throughout history, The Evolution Of Happiness offers the non-specialist general reader a complete and thorough comprehension of just what happiness is as defined by divers schools of psychology and religions.
I would like to remind him that if it was not for her forefathers we would be living in a draconian fascist state where ethnic cleansing would be the norm and multi cultural views would be dealt with very undiplomatically.
The clear and strong witness of our forefathers is being diluted by the adulterated gospel proffered by our "with it" ecclesia and sadly, biblically illiterate laity.