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But now with the end of JV, Hero group is actively looking to further their foreign exports market and according to a The Economic Times report, has formed a 12-member team to chalk out strategies to boost two-wheeler exports.
Table--1 Indonesia's economic indicators (US$ million) Year Total debt GDP on Foreign Exports of current exchange goods prices reserves and services 2006 132,633 369,351 42,586 122,493 2007 141,180 438,329 56,920 140,772 2008 155,080 515,557 51,639 165,796 2009 172,871 544,350 66,105 141,963 2010 202,413 713,705 96,207 184,301 2011 210,080 746,257 105,709 195,654 *) *) estimate based on data until March 2011 Source: Bank Indonesia Table--2 Indonesia's foreign debt ratios and DSR Year Debt to GDP Debt to Export Debt Service Ratio Ratio Ratio *) 2006 35.
Other economists believe wages in China have been too low for too long and higher wages will actually boost long-term growth, by fostering domestic demand rather than forcing China to rely on foreign exports.
Nearly 19 training and specialty workshops with the attendance of local and foreign exports will be held simultaneously with the seminar running for a week.
The corporation aims to explore prospects for Jordanian industrialists to participate in international exhibitions in order to familiarize with their products in emerging markets and promote the volume of Jordanian foreign exports to Arab and international markets.
The quality of military production for the Russian army and foreign exports is causing justified concern from clients, added Industry Minister Viktor Khristenko, speaking at a meeting on the issue and quoted by Interfax.
But Ireland's Christmas tree-growing industry has warned a fall in growers and booming foreign exports mean up to a quarter of a million families will be unable to find real trees this year.
The flower industry in the state fetches almost three billion rupees per annum from foreign exports.
Benitez's rotation policy wouldn't let Barry settle in and he certainly wouldn't grant him the responsibility he has at Villa over the likes of Gerrard and other foreign exports.
The order from Georgia is the latest in a long line of foreign exports for the 60-year-old Coventry firm.
Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA), provided additional ammo for the workers, by suggesting that the so-called "core copyright industries" of film, TV and music collectively raked in $110 billion in 2005 from foreign exports.

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