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This in turn reflects positively on the UAE's foreign exports and contributes to achieving the vision and strategies for diversifying sources of national income," said Abdullah Bin Ahmad Al Saleh, Director General of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Trade.
They should ask the businessmen and women from the television programme Dragon's Den to assess the merits of these ideas and back financially the ones they see as likely to succeed, not only at home but also for foreign exports.
Inflation threatens to skyrocket and there are barely any foreign exports.
It is also worth noting that the weakness of Sterling, often seen as a bad thing, is working in our favour by making foreign exports cheaper.
Table--1 Indonesia's economic indicators (US$ million) Year Total debt GDP on Foreign Exports of current exchange goods prices reserves and services 2006 132,633 369,351 42,586 122,493 2007 141,180 438,329 56,920 140,772 2008 155,080 515,557 51,639 165,796 2009 172,871 544,350 66,105 141,963 2010 202,413 713,705 96,207 184,301 2011 210,080 746,257 105,709 195,654 *) *) estimate based on data until March 2011 Source: Bank Indonesia Table--2 Indonesia's foreign debt ratios and DSR Year Debt to GDP Debt to Export Debt Service Ratio Ratio Ratio *) 2006 35.
Other economists believe wages in China have been too low for too long and higher wages will actually boost long-term growth, by fostering domestic demand rather than forcing China to rely on foreign exports.
Nearly 19 training and specialty workshops with the attendance of local and foreign exports will be held simultaneously with the seminar running for a week.
The corporation aims to explore prospects for Jordanian industrialists to participate in international exhibitions in order to familiarize with their products in emerging markets and promote the volume of Jordanian foreign exports to Arab and international markets.

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