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A bank, Securities firm, or other financial institution that regularly renders services for another in an area or market to which the other party lacks direct access. A bank that functions as an agent for another bank and carries a deposit balance for a bank in another city.

Securities firms may have correspondents in foreign countries or on exchanges—organizations that provide facilities for convening purchasers and sellers of securities—of which the firms are not members.

The term correspondent is distinct from corespondent—a person summoned to respond to litigation, together with another person, particularly, a paramour in a Divorce action based on Adultery.


adjective adapted, agreeable, agreed, akin, analogous, answerable, apposite, belonging, coequal, coextensive, cognate, coinciding, collateral, comfortable, comparable, commensurable, complementary, concomitant, congruous, consistent, consonant, contemporaneous, correlative, corresponsive, counterpart, equal in effect, equal in force, equal in significance, equal in value, equivalent, fit, fitted, germane, harmonious, mutual, pendent, reciprocal, related, relative, similar, suitable, suited, synonymous, uniform


noun analogue, complement, correlative, counterpart, duplicate, equal, obverse, pendant, reciprocator, similitude
See also: accompanying, agreed, akin, analogous, apposite, appropriate, coequal, coextensive, cognate, collateral, commensurable, comparative, complement, concomitant, concordant, congruous, consistent, consonant, contemporaneous, correlate, correlative, counterpart, fit, germane, harmonious, litigant, mutual, pendent, reciprocal, related, relative, relevant, similar, suitable, uniform
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The "big four" national newspapers--the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times--all continue to have vibrant foreign reports, though each has closed some foreign bureaus in recent years.
His successor, Eugene Roberts, got Knight to finance five new foreign bureaus, a 20 percent larger news hole, several wire services, and more than a dozen comic strips, including Doonesbury.
Discounting the Wall Street Journal, two years ago American newspapers had 179 foreign bureau positions, four of them vacant, according to a survey by the Project on the State of the American Newspaper.
She is called back to the home office of her newspaper in Baltimore, where she finds that all the foreign bureaus were being shut due to the faltering US economy and the ensuing layoffs, and is faced with an assignment in the suburbs, told that she is lucky she still has a job.
Leveraging proven and trusted solutions from the Avid Media Suite and Storage Suite, the organization will streamline CBC/Radio-Canada s workflows and automate processes for the organization s mobile applications, websites, 132 radio stations, 27 television stations, and foreign bureaus, in both English and French.
Xinhua operates 107 foreign bureaus worldwide, and maintains 31 bureaus in China, one for each province, plus a military bureau.
The grant, meanwhile, will allow us to expand our international coverage at a time most other newspapers are closing or cutting back foreign bureaus for lack of funds.
With over 1,300 journalists spread across 54 domestic offices and 36 foreign bureaus - including its latest base in Yangon - Nikkei correspondents and editors cover all major industrial and business sectors - from all corners of the world.
The foreign bureaus will be restructured while there will be a post to be opened in Beirut, New Zealand Herald (http://www.
The ABC said it will restructure its foreign bureaus, including turning London, Washington, Jakarta and Beijing into "multiplatform hubs" and close its Auckland bureau.
Cairo is one of 107 foreign bureaus filing for Xinhua 's 20 newspapers, websites and 12 magazines in eight languages, including Arabic.

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