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The placement of a particular sum of money in business ventures, real estate, or Securities of a permanent nature so that it will produce an income.

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n. the money put into use for profit, or the property or business interest purchased for profit. (See: invest)

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the process by which funds are deployed with the object of producing gain, either in the form of income or addition to capital.
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According to the FIA, foreign investors were present in 59 cities and provinces.
The BSP chief said the entry of foreign investors in the country's banking industry would pave the way for exchange of risk management and governance practices, as well as technology innovations and usage resulting in an improved overall efficiency.
Ubhar Capital in its weekly report on Saturday said that the taxation on dividends, although not significant for government in terms of revenue, was a deterrent for foreign investors. 'We believe this is a great development for boosting foreign investment in Oman, which in the past three years has witnessed net outflow of RO254mn.
Grant explained that the main aims and objectives of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) are to travel and attract foreign investors, and to collaborate with them to help expand our infrastructural sector in a peaceful and business-friendly atmosphere.
There is an open-admission system that does not require prescreening and approval for foreign investors.
Hosseini stressed that to attract foreign investors through social networks is the easiest method and Iran should take any step in this sphere.
The low prices of some insurance stocks and recent acquisitions have prompted foreign investors to inquire about the fundamentals of firms in the sector.
The market capitalization of the shareholdings of foreign investors was NT$11,830.81 billion as of Nov.
'Foreign investors are allowed to buy, hold or trade PSX's ordinary shares up to 10% of the total outstanding shares.
Further purchases of the PSX shares by foreign investors would not be allowed across any market of the exchange, it added.
The Board has introduced E- filling system and also shortened the new companies' registration process for facilitating the investors to enhance the foreign investors. ' a senior official of BoI told reporter here on Wednesday.

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