Forensic Science Service

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Forensic Science Service (FSS)

an executive agency of the UK Home Office providing scientific investigation of alleged crime. It seeks to provide an impartial provision of services within the criminal justice system and so is available to the prosecution and the defence. It is the custodian and manager of the National DNA Database on behalf of the ASSOCIATION OF CHIEF POLICE OFFICERS.
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The publicly owned Forensic Science Service (FSS) was controversially closed in 2012.
The History of the Forensic Science Service in England and Wales
THERESA May's in the dock over fears more than 10,000 criminal cases are in doubt following alleged manipulation of evidence at a private Randox lab in Manchester after she destroyed our world-envied crime analysis agency, the Forensic Science Service.
In addition they have also partnered public and private agencies including Capita, the Forensic Science Service, National Police Improvement Agency and Scambusters to support law enforcement.
The Science and Technology Committee accused the Government of being slow to recognise the wider impact on the criminal justice system of shutting the Forensic Science Service (FSS) in March 2012.
BRITAIN'S justice system will take a "backward step" if the Government closes its Forensic Science Service, experts warned last night.
A NORTH East forensics expert has joined police chiefs to criticise the Government's decision to axe the Forensic Science Service.
Summary: Up to 800 jobs are being axed by the Government's Forensic Science Service - 40 per cent of the workforce.
Experts at the Forensic Science Service, based in Birmingham, have been hired by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to help them re-examine DNA samples in a review of unsolved murder cases.
In 2007, the FBI Laboratory celebrated a milestone with 75 years of forensic science service. This year, on July 26, the FBI will mark an even bigger milestone: its 100th anniversary.
Tests on traces found on a bedroom wall by sniffer dogs two weeks ago were carried out at the Forensic Science Service in Birmingham.
The Forensic Science Service (FSS) operates a fast-track recruitment system for graduates.

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