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That which belongs to, or operates in accordance with, another nation, territory, state, or jurisdiction, as in the case of nonresident trustees, corporations, or persons.


adjective  alien, attached to annther jurisdiction, belonging to another country, detached, different, disconnected, dissociated, distant, externus, extrinsic, independent, nonresident, not indigeeous, not native, outside, peregrine, remote, separate, strange, subject to another jurisdiction, unallied, unassociated, unconnected, unfamiliar, unusual, without connection
Associated concepts: foreign bills, foreign commerce, foreign corporation, foreign divorce, foreign judgment, foreign jurisdiction, foreign laws, foreign notes, foreign patents, foreign state
See also: apart, different, extraneous, extrinsic, inapplicable, inapposite, irrelevant, novel, obscure, peculiar, remote, unaccustomed, unrelated

LAW, FOREIGN. By foreign laws are understood the laws of a foreign country. The states of the American Union are for some purposes foreign to each other, and the laws of each are foreign in the others. See Foreign laws.

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foriegn direct investment (US$ billions) Brazil 18.
Official visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina by Mr Rehn to meet members of the Presidency: Sulejman Tihic, Borislav Paravac and Dragan Covic, and the Minister and Deputy Minister for Foriegn Affairs, Mladen Ivanic and Lidija Topic; participation in a press conference.
Forging relationships with foriegn counterparts and planning an IP strategy, drawn up with legal help, can make all the difference.
A young American intrudes into a disillusioned Brit foriegn correspondent's life and tries to pinch his chick.
To test the above hypothesis it is necessary to take a closer look at the actual process of foriegn language (here English) text comprehension for the purpose of translating it into the translator's native language (here Polish).
In recent decades, the foriegn policies of the powerful countries these have been implemented mainly through the back door--via NGOs and multinational corporations.
Modern media in foriegn language education: Theory and implementation (pp.
pressure, foriegn investor demands 1994 Limited allowance of share repurchases Stock market crash 1997 Allowance of issuance of stock options to Foreign competition, employees foreign investor demands 1997 Simplification of mergers Foreign competition 1997 Increased sokaiya penalties Scandal 1999 Mergers Foreign competition, economic downturn 2000 Spin-offs Foreign competition, economic downturn 2001 Treasury stock Foreign competition, economic downturn 2002?
either the foriegn ownership restriction will have to go or Citigroup will be forced to give up control of Avantel.
government Note: All foriegn data are rounded to the nearest $100 million.
It was considered that the divisions had more than their fair share of foreign workers and the introduction of more foriegn labour would not solve the labour problem.