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In regression analyses, women with a secondary education or higher had lower odds of marrying before age 18 than those with no formal education (odds ratio, 0.
The state government should roll back its decision to appoint Ramdev as the brand ambassador as he has no formal education, not even a degree.
However, for women with at least some degree of formal education, there was no such association.
But if those 30,600 people are leaving with the same formal education, the only thing that will set them apart from their competition is going the be the time personally invested into becoming self-educated and learning things that set them apart from everybody else.
The infrastructure is possible by setting up a new national agency and developing a new reference national frame for non-formal and informal education, program which is based on lifetime learning and quality indicators; by specifying the domain of the non-formal and informal education from the European validation point of view: in relation with the formal education and yielding the yielder, in relation with the work force, in relation with the voluntary activity; by creating, multiplying and diversifying the opportunities for non-formal education, both in schools and society, depending on the beneficiaries, young people and grown-ups, such as: work stages, distance learning, house learning, summer schools, etc.
Participation in any kind of learning activity needs to be taken into account, including informal learning activities, but also including participation of adults in formal education and training.
Thus the first Al Hidaya Al Khalifiya Girls' school was established in 1928, to be the first girls' school in the history of formal education in Bahrain.
What is a formal education system without participants who know how to learn?
Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, and Spain have developed measures of investment in formal education based on our approach.
SCHOOLS have become "factories" where children as young as four are forced into formal education - at an age where they find it difficult even to hold a pen, teachers said yesterday.
The ten papers in this collection survey psychotherapist attitudes toward continuing education, suggest embedding formal education within the context of non-formal education, advocate for the development of forensic nursing programs in Turkey, and describe a community learning action project in Bangladesh.
Distance education is regarded as one of the means for educating people who have not had formal education chance or who have not preferred the formal education.

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