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The impossibility of representing the dissolution of the self towards imperceptibility finds formal expression in the shame of the postcolonial novel, of shame as the form of the experience of perceptual dissonance and discrepancy (p46).
In June, Centro submitted a formal expression of interest to the Government to take over the commissioning and management of local rail services once the region's current franchise, operated by London Midland, expires in September 2015.
The three Celtic nations have made a formal expression of interest in bidding to host Euro 2020 and Platini's declaration should increase the chance of a bid.
The decision, which the Government said was motivated by it seeing insufficient financial and economic benefits, already has drawn from Russian oil company Transneft a formal expression of disappointment, and no doubt Athens will be unhappy as well.
Deque, distinguished by a strict formal expression that is reduced to the flat, wide spout, first made its debut at the ISH, Frankfurt, said a statement from Dornbracht.
The United States has called in Tunisia's ambassador in Washington to receive a formal expression of concern about the protests, a State Department official said on Friday.
"These four companies have already given an indication that they are interested, though the formal Expression of Interest (EoI) can only be made after the Cabinet approval.
Hong Kong, Mar 1, 2010 - (ACN Newswire) - Mongolia Energy Corporation Limited ("MEC"; HKSE: 276) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary in Mongolia, MoEnCo LLC ("MoEnCo"), has received a formal expression of gratitude from the Governor representing the citizens of Khovd Aimak (Province),Mongolia for a wide range of initiatives put in place by MoEnCo for the Khovd local community, western Mongolia, as part of the development of the Khushuut coal mine and related infrastructure.
1 : a formal expression of opinion or choice (as by ballot in an election)
Tara.Logic, which made its debut at the SHK Essen in 2006, has adopted the formal expression of the Tara Classic single-lever mixer tap, but has radically stretched the design and made it more erect.
Though the roof's gradient is conventional, its formal expression is far from ordinary, sparking off a sculptural architecture based on principles of positive-negative.
In other ways, it was the very personal response of writers who incorporated popular taste into a distinct personal formal expression. This volume hints at these issues, but scholars will have to wait for another volume to address the theoretical issues behind the wealth of detail in this book.

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