formal occasion

See: ceremony
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Whether you want a shorter but stylish evening gown or a plicate bow long dress, you can find a color and design in the new range to suit almost any prom or formal occasion.
For work or a formal occasion, the winter coat/suit combination is always a stunner.
The pair have planned a more formal occasion in Ireland to celebrate today.
Whether you fancy a gossipy tea with friends, a family gathering or a formal occasion like a christening or wedding, take time out to set a top table
If you've been invited to a more formal occasion, glitz is a must.
I've done a lot of photographic work and some promotional work," she said as she picked out a figure-hugging evening gown from The Formal Occasion, a dress hire shop in Sutton Coldfield, to take with her to Greece.
One said: "At such a formal occasion, he should have buttoned his jacket.
Deputy Chief Constable Roger Aldridge said while the ceremony was a formal occasion required by law so that recruits could be sworn in by a magistrate, it also provided senior colleagues with a chance to welcome them to the team.
North Lanarkshire Provost Vincent Mathieson will lead a four-strong delegation, and he said: "This is a formal occasion with business to attend to.
Gum chewing during a formal occasion is considered a rude and inappropriate behavior.
A dark pair of denim is also versatile and can either be worn casual or for a formal occasion if paired with the right tops, accessories and footwear.

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