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28) But the most influential objections aimed at legislators would probably come from those familiar and sympathetic to more formal reasoning based Anglo-Commonwealth contract law.
Investigating the nature of formal reasoning in Chemistry: Testing Lawson's Multiple Hypothesis Theory.
The purpose of this study was to determine if a test of formal reasoning could be used to identify the misconceptions of a selected group of preservice teachers.
Individual differences in the development of formal reasoning.
Formal reasoning, achievement, and intelligence: an issue of importance.
We have singled out a sequence of phases in which the students pass from exploration to increasing degrees of formal reasoning.
Given the failure of the informal logic and critical thinking movements to transcend the principles and models of formal reasoning (Groarke; Weinstein), the New Rhetoric offers scholars of argument a situated logic that is a necessary counterpart to formal logic.
Formal reasoning is not merely intuitive argument couched in mathematical notation indeed, formal reasoning often allows us to take short cuts that have no counterparts in an informal argument.
Although the basic principles of software verification have been known for decades and researchers have developed an abundance of techniques for formal reasoning about programs, modern software has lots of errors, as everyday users can testify.
He argues that formal reasoning happens within conceptual frameworks, but that it cannot prove or provide those frameworks.
The expected outcome is our ability to prove automatically at least 50% more theorems in high-assurance projects such as Flyspeck and seL4, bringing a major breakthrough in formal reasoning and verification.

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