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The tenaciousness and single-mindedness of the main character will resonate with readers who want to see Taylor succeed against the barriers set up against him and reclaim his former life.
He soon starts having vivid dreams of a former life as warrior General Meng Yi in ancient times.
In a former life it was known as Ballyskeagh, but a new identity represents the new look and the new team behind the exciting and ambitious project.
Brilliant yet isolated, it takes the arrival of someone from her former life to spur her to confront memories of her childhood in England and seek love renewed amid her maturity.
David Dunn, a senior energy consultant with cow power sponsor Central Vermont Public Service Company, sticks his hand into a giant pile of powdery waste, unfazed by its former life as cow manure.
No longer a tennis phenom, Grace must figure out whether she ever wants to go back to her former life.
It is the premise of Soul Journey From Lincoln To Lindbergh by Richard Salva (an author, minister, and for more than thirty years a dedicated student of yoga who studied under Paramhansa Yogananda) that Abraham Lincoln was, in a former life, a Himalayan yogi of advanced spiritual attainment, and that after his assassination at the hands of John Wilkes Booth, was reincarnated as Charles Lindbergh.
He lost his driver's license, his job and what was left of his former life.
I asked my guide to have her stand before a pair of baskets used by farmers to carry loads of produce on their shoulders, symbols of her former life.
In the case Shepherd v HMRC, the Commissioners ruled that despite Mr Shepherd, a professional pilot, spending 180 days in the tax year out of the UK on flights, 77 days in Cyprus where he rented a furnished flat, and 80 in the UK in the family home, he had not made a distinct break with his former life and therefore remained resident for UK tax purposes.
Vera, who doesn't wish her last name publicized because of her work as a pastoral counselor, hails from New York, and is candid about her former life only because the story of her subsequent conversion "gives glory to God.
She also left behind her former life partner, photographer" Annie Leibovitz, 55, and Sarah Cameron Leibovitz, the child they coparented from her birth in 2001 until the couple's 2003 breakup.
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