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Her forte seemed to be salads, and she astonished him with the deliciousness of a salad made from young bamboo shoots.
You know what my forte is, Gilbert--the fanciful, the fairylike, the pretty.
Well, gentlemen,' said Ralph with a curl of the lip, 'talking in riddles would seem to be the peculiar forte of you two, and I suppose your clerk, like a prudent man, has studied the art also with a view to your good graces.
We have to consider what binds together two simultaneous sensations in one person, or, more generally, any two occurrences which forte part of one experience.
Those unfortunate and well-educated women made themselves heard from the neighbouring drawing-room, where they were thrumming away, with hard fingers, an elaborate music-piece on the piano- forte, as their mother spoke; and indeed, they were at music, or at backboard, or at geography, or at history, the whole day long.
It was never my forte, as you know, yet to this day I cannot conceive what I did to excite the treacherous corporal's suspicions.
All the way home he stumped it out of the rattling streets, PIANO with his own foot, and FORTE with his wooden leg, 'He's GROWN too FOND of MONEY for THAT, he's GROWN too FOND of MONEY.
The proceedings seemed to have come to a definite end so far as he was concerned; for one had only to look at that granite face to realize that no peine forte et dure would ever force him to plead against his will.