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Immediately; promptly; without delay; directly; within a reasonable time under the circumstances of the case.

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adv. a term found in contracts, court orders, and statutes, meaning as soon as it can be reasonably done. It implies immediacy, with no excuses for delay.

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Forthwith uprose great Ajax the son of Telamon, and crafty Ulysses, full of wiles, rose also.
Forthwith uprose fleet Ajax son of Oileus, with cunning Ulysses, and Nestor's son Antilochus, the fastest runner among all the youth of his time.
Forthwith uprose great Ajax the son of Telamon, as also mighty Diomed son of Tydeus.
He let fly with his arrow forthwith, but he did not promise hecatombs of firstling lambs to King Apollo, and missed his bird, for Apollo foiled his aim; but he hit the string with which the bird was tied, near its foot; the arrow cut the string clean through so that it hung down towards the ground, while the bird flew up into the sky, and the Achaeans shouted applause.
This order shall come into force forthwith and shall remain enforced for 30 days unless modified or withdrawn.
'Emergency session of both the houses of parliament should be summoned immediately while emergency meeting of UNSC should also be demanded forthwith because time has come for taking joint decisions by political and military leadership.
Islamabad -- National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has directed all distribution companies to forthwith cease the practice of charging cost for replacement of meters.
Meanwhile Deputy Commissioner Dir Lower has also imposed ban on selling and purchasing of toy guns for a period of 30 days hence forthwith.
While hailing the appointment of Shabbar Zaidi as the new chairman of FBR former President LCCI, Yakoob Karim said that the stringing a 24 hours prior notice deadline on account attachment to default taxpayer shall forthwith rectify the flaws in existing tax mechanism that has led to harassment many a times.
He has also been relieved of his duties in Government of the Punjab forthwith.
The identities of the deceased could not be ascertained forthwith.
PESHAWAR -- The local traders have strongly reacted to imposition of penalties on them by the raiding teams of different government departments and threatened to go on shutter down strike if action against shopkeepers was not stopped forthwith.