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But after giving the fortlet a more cursory glance than it deserved, we ended up at the more fortunately-named Waggon Inn in Uppermill.
Secretary of the Chepstow Society, Henry Hodges, who has visited the Great Hall, said: "I cannot see architecturally a great deal that's very old there, although some books described it as a fortlet for Chepstow Castle at one time.
James has previously located a lost Roman fortlet and three prehistoric encampments in the Warburton and Lymm areas.
This castle probably lay mainly within the Bayley Lane/Earl Street area, for John Stowe in the 16th century described ruins of a fortlet or pile standing in Earls Street.
The fortlet is thought to date back to the first century AD and is surrounded by a circular ditch which has not been seen anywhere else in Wales.