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Halstead, "A Note on Dekker's Old Fortunatus," Modern Language Notes 54 (1939), 352 Note.
47) Fortunatus and Maximus, who were the heads of breakaway communities in Carthage, were considered by Cyprian to be only pretend bishops, there being no validity to their episcopal ordinations at all.
pro diversitatae effectus euenientis, ita quod si sit ingens malum, dicatur infortunium, si vero ingens bonum, sit fortunium, seu sors fortunae: sicut quando ingens bonum casu perditur, dicitur infortunium, vel aduersa fortuna, et non solum est ita censendum, quando bonum aut malum sunt praesentia, sed quando proxima sunt, ut si bonum ingens, quod sperabat, casu proximo perdidit, infortunatus dicitur: si vero malum, quod proxime imminebat, euasit, fortunatus appellatur, quia quod parum distat a re, nihil distare videtur.
King Frederick had all stabbed and murdered; Of a King of Khipern, of a Duke of Venice; (21) Of a rich man and of Lazarus; Comedy of Amadis; (22) and three that may be versions of Marlowe plays: Fortunatus, Von dem Doctor Faustus, and Vom dem Jude.
Hill's article concentrates on Ausonius, Claudian and Venantius Fortunatus, but his remarks seem equally applicable to Ammianus.
Von daher uberrascht es wohl auch nicht, dass das wichtigste Werk, in dem es primar um die Auswirkungen von Geld geht, Fortunatus (1509), nicht von Kartschoke beachtet wurde.
It occasionally gives itself up to the luxury of an extended analysis of an individual text, as in the case of Keller's Die missbrauchten Liebesbriefe, and the Fortunatus story is an appropriate leitmotif throughout, as is the turning point marked by the Mephistophelean introduction of paper money in Faust II.
The four main chapters of his book (2-5) thus involve detailed discussion of six prose biographies by Venantius Fortunatus, the twenty pieces in Gregory of Tours's Life of the Fathers, and Baudonivia's Life of Radegund.
Racing Post Ratings dropped a point yesterday, but a big-priced winner could still yet see them claim top spot, while fourth Fortunatus of the Sheffield Star kept their hopes alive by tipping 13-2 Hexham scorer Treehouse.
Fortunatus Wright was the wealthiest privateer in Britain and used his ships and nautical skills to stop the French sacking Liverpool.
Along the way he offers a series of interpretations--often inspired, at times too brief--of canonical literary works, from Fortunatus to Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre.
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