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Whether predicting political upheaval on television or advertising exorcisms in Al-Waseet, Lebanese fortune-tellers blend religion, mysticism and psychology into a soothing spiritual balm for a country plagued by uncertainty.
Clairvoyants, soothsayers, fortune-tellers and astrologers with special powers have turned into a social phenomenon in Bulgaria over the last few years.
Rising economic and social pressures may be leading increasing numbers of Iranians to turn to fortune-tellers, seeking signs of hope for the future.
You have to be a real prophet to figure that area out, and I'm only a master fortune-teller.
Spell it out as you open and close the fortune-teller.
Careful not to overdo it--you don't want to look like a fortune-teller.
Fortune-teller Chon Mun Chu, 35, Chong Ui Hyang, 41, Ryu Hyon Chong, 30, and Kim Yong Sil, 29, all South Korean nationals, are suspected of having buried a woman's body in the forest on the night of April 12, the police said.
Superficial fortune-teller approaches like Psychic Friends give true divination a bad name," says O'Brien, the former executive director of the Oregon Multimedia Alliance.
Cuneo describes the life and work of Veronica Lueken (1923-95) of Bayside, a working class fortune-teller who began to see visions of St.
Back in 1983 my friend had a fortune-teller at her house who asked us all if we would like to know when we would die.
A fortune-teller's glowing predictions about fame and fortune cause a discontented carpenter to slip into the fortune-teller role himself.
In this second book, The Fortune-Teller, the mystery deepens.