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It was recently revealed that Rihanna is reportedly seeking help from fortune-tellers and psychics because she is afraid her fame will fade.
The 'Diamonds' singer has apparently been consulting a fortune-teller and asked for a look into her future.
Western culture tells me I need to go to therapy, but I go to the fortune-teller and I feel much closer to my culture.
As the New Year draws closer, the predictions of the fortune-tellers abound.
The demand for fortune tellers was illustrated - yet again - after it emerged that clairvoyants, soothsayers, fortune-tellers and astrologers with special powers have reported revenues worth hundreds of thousands of levs at the National Revenue agency.
Rising economic and social pressures may be leading increasing numbers of Iranians to turn to fortune-tellers, seeking signs of hope for the future.
THERE'S an amazingly prescient fortune-teller in Erinsborough, who tells Sky that her baby is in danger because she hasn't told the truth about who the father is.
The cartoon books have been reprinted and the latest set of stories sees Asterix and his fellow villagers dealing with a rogue fortune-teller, a Roman family determined to take over and a Corsican in need of help.
She recalls the words a fortune-teller told her: a long journey, a great sorrow, a dream fulfilled.
Gypsy Fortune-Teller Tarot Card Readings Personal Relationships Assistance
Spell it out as you open and close the fortune-teller.
Careful not to overdo it--you don't want to look like a fortune-teller.