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Fossile joined Heartlab as a National Sales Specialist and eventually became the VP of Sales for the Eastern Region.
Sur un appareil fanonculaire de Cetorhinus trouve h l'etat fossile dans le Pliocene d'Anvers.
At this time, the costs associated with fossile fuels are less than that of electricity (on the order of 3:1 for natural gas and 2:1 for fuel oil).
Uber fossile Lauraceae und Theaceae in Mitteleuropa.
Le Peuple, dans la premiere phase de la construction identitaire, tient surtout le role de fossile vivant garant de la reconstitution des grands ancetres.
L'urbanisation, la rapide industrialisation de nos societes et l'utilisation massive d'energie d'origine fossile sont a l'origine d'un autre phenomene central a la notion d'environnement: la pollution.
The 21st century faces the problem of growing energy consumption and diminishing supplies of fossile fuels, which has led to researches of the use of renewable energy sources and, consequently, the development of new technological processes of energy production.
Outre des marques dans le sable qui ont l'air << d'un fossile >>, il montre egalement Fako sur sa moto << et en arriere de Fako, le paysage est beau >>.
Stockholm Royal Seaport is aiming to be fossile fuel free by 2030, while the entire City of Stockholm is aiming for 2050.
Such avant-gardism might seem unlikely given the premise of Three Hours, which seems to embody the libertine convention: two rakes attempt to sleep with the devious Susannah Townley within three hours after her marriage to the crusty Doctor Fossile, thus cuckolding him even before the union has been consummated.
Permits this year were taken out for new construction at The Woodlands, a partially completed 495-unit complex of mostly condominiums and some single-family homes; by Brian Lussier of Comfort Homes in Dracut, who is developing the Nathan Heights subdivision on the Lancaster line and will soon start another one off Chace Road; by Marlboro-based Fossile Construction, developer of the 23-unit upscale West Ledge subdivision of Berlin Street, which was stalled for years; and by Lunenburg-based GAC Homes, which sold two homes off Fitch Road marketed as energy efficient - a big selling point, Mr.
But it is not too late to take action, for example, switching from fossile fuels, to solar or wind power .