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But the foster mothers who spoke to a reporter emphasized the joy that came from sharing their homes and families with children in need.
When the foster mother touched the leg, the child screamed and she called a doctor.
In an impact statement the foster mother was critical of Conwy social services for not giving her sufficient support.
On May 22 he had an argument with his foster mother because he came home late while on a curfew.
Her foster mother only uses her to create income, her abusive father is in jail, her mother in a mental institution, and the social workers who visit the house are blind to what's really happening.
IF IT had not been for the care of a devoted foster mother, Inglis Drever, the pride and joy of Howard Johnson's Cheltenham team, might well have fallen by the wayside.
In addition to her role as Rose Caffee in the Showtime series "Brotherhood," she played Felicity Huffman's judgmental mother in "Transamerica," Mark Wahlberg's foster mother in "Four Brothers" and also had memorable parts in "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" and "The Others.
However, very soon into her experience as a foster mother she became convinced that the bureaucracy of foster care provided as little as possible for her foster child and was designed merely to made Gerstenzang and her family jump through hoops for no reason.
Foster mother Eunice Spry was jailed for 14 years yesterday for subjecting three children in her care to a "horrifying catalogue of cruel and sadistic treatment".
All this as the foster mother he went to at three years old ran rings round the services supposed to protect him.
A THREE-YEAR-OLD boy who was allegedly poisoned with salt by a Midland couple who had hoped to adopt him, was described in court today by his previous foster mother as a quiet boy.
Ronnie has been 'returned' from numerous foster homes due to her lying and stealing and her last chance is Alison, a new foster mother.