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In those circumstances, a dog might be with the RSPCA for a long time, so kennels are not an ideal place for them to live, and placing them with a fosterer means a space for another dog that needs somewhere to go.
THE RESPITE CARER Stephen Phillips,44,and his wife Karen, 43,from Caernarfon give fosterers a break by looking after young children for up to a fortnight while their foster parents take a holiday.
ey are now being looked after by RSPCA fosterers and are being bottle fed around every two hours.
March is the beginning of the kitten season - the first one we'll have dealt with - so we expect to be inundated with calls and fosterers come into their own.
The organisation, which has 50 fosterers, looks after rescue cats and some rescued dogs.
On the other hand, if you're having to go into hospital or working overseas for a while then you may want to consider a pet fosterer yourself.
Chilli the Sausage dog pictured with dog fosterer Barbara Gowens
Aska enjoyed her break and her fosterer helped us find out more about her which we hope will help find her the forever home she deserves.
This time Trinity and her offspring were taken into care by an emergency fosterer.
RSPCA animal care assistant at Bryn-y-Maen Animal Centre Abbie Griffith, along with RSPCA fosterer Emma Nesfield, are caring for the demanding litter which have been named Brenda, Angelica, Roxy, Johnny, Pinker, Willow, Snippet and Spud.
Then another six-month-old kitten, which is in season, was found outside the house of another fosterer, again in a cardboard box.