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A permanent fund established and maintained by contributions for charitable, educational, religious, research, or other benevolent purposes. An institution or association given to rendering financial aid to colleges, schools, hospitals, and charities and generally supported by gifts for such purposes.

The founding or building of a college or hospital. The incorporation or endowment of a college or hospital is the foundation, and those who endow it with land or other property are the founders.

Preliminary questions to a witness to establish admissibility of evidence. Laying a foundation is a prerequisite to the admission of evidence at trial. It is established by testimony that identifies the evidence sought to be admitted and connects it with the issue in question.

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Findings come from the Foundation Center's tracking of fiscal and programmatic information on more than 80,000 foundations, corporations and public charities; annual surveys of leading grantmakers; and analyses of the giving patterns of the nation's nearly 1,200 largest foundations.
With the help of the NAACP, he wrote a proposal to the Ford Foundation, which told him they only funded national organizations."
The events, the Foundation asserted in its legal complaint, favored religion by singling out faith-based groups as "particularly worthy of federal funding because of their religious orientation." It also argued that the federal government had sent "messages to non-adherents of religious belief that they are outsiders, not full members of the political community, and the defendants send an accompanying message to adherents of religious belief that they are insiders, favored members of the political community."
Official sponsors of the event included North Fork Bank (title sponsor); American Airlines, the official airline of the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation, Con Edison and the New York Mets.
Amounts that are donated to a community foundation are eligible for the higher deduction limits of public charities rather than the lower limits on donations to private foundations (see Chapter 3).
As a 501(c)(3) corporation, contributions to the MTNA FOUNDATION FUND may be tax deductible.
Erb led a re-evaluation of the foundation's mandate, seeking to expand its work further beyond "bricks and mortar" building projects into such areas as education and communications.
In addition to her state and local component activities, she is a member of the ADAA Foundation Board and served on ADAA's Legislative Council for three years,
We'd like to continue the Foundation's tradition of producing academically sound, in-depth studies.
The Wal-Mart Foundation, which disseminates its charity through local Wal-Mart stores (see story, Page 1), doesn't appear on Arkansas Business' list because its assets do not exceed $30 million.
Metrobank Foundation bestowed the PEACE recognition to 40 select partner institutions whose commitment in uplifting the lives of the least in society and in recognizing the best of the Filipinos mirrors that of the Foundation.
He expressed these views during his visit to the newly established office of the Press Foundation here on Thursday.

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