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Yet if all the fictions dramatize environmental crisis as a way of life, they differ in how their narratives represent and assimilate the break between the past and the entry into the present's stressed, foundationless, inside without an outside.
Whether Hegel's claim of a self-grounding of logic amounts to a foundationless philosophy, as Winfield contends, or rather to a speculative foundation of philosophy, cannot be discussed here.
Once again, the mise-en-abyme configures the truth of the foundationless self and the perils of reflective thought: Eben can see himself in countless possibilities, each as charming as the next, only while he occupies none: "[I]n no matter of import can I make up my mind.
What is highly symbolic is Ghosh's relentless logic of the uncanny: the ghostly refugees are refused (home)lands in a land that is itself foundationless, shifting and unmapped.
36) The second is the generation of a competing fight or countervailing interest, forcing the prospect of foundationless judicial choosing, i.
We soon come to realize that this "new city" growing on the periphery of Rome is a pseudo-city, a mere simulacrum of the historically rooted polis it seeks to replace, a foundationless construction built on the empty postwar premise of material prosperity and ersatz prestige--in other words, an instant ruin, like Ettore himself.
Initially, this seems like an index of the cold, inorganic, foundationless quality of modern social life to the Marches; but Isabel March begins to value what she terms New York's "heterogeneous gayety.
Shults (2003) describes this kind of foundationless relationship between psychology and religion as a "modernist fiduciary structure" that is marked by an ab extra relationality in which "one begins by abstracting the fields of study as though they were not in relation, and then asks how to relate them" (p.
Likewise, nation will talk unto nation, swopping localised health scares and helping us all to benefit from a giant, foundationless global rumour.
Beckett seems to perform something like Badiou's 'subtraction' in a move characterized as an 'approach in reverse' to a post-poststructuralist foundationless 'truth'.
From this perspective, generic taxonomies might be replaced by classifications constructed from visual images, though of course any such "construction from" fictional foundations will sooner or later leave criticism stuck all over again, in the assumption that a visual sign can provide a valid basis for discourse in a foundationless world.
Equally important in the world of the Afrikaner is also the foundationless exhortation that Afrikaners were predestined, via Divine will, to occupy and control all of South Africa.

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